Thursday’s Tale: The Dragon King’s Daughter



As I was searching for last week’s story, I ran across another story that I thought I’d share today.

“The Dragon King’s Daughter” is a parable that appears in the twelfth chapter of the Lotus Sutra, one of the most influential of the of Buddhist scriptures. I know very little about Buddhism, but according to the internet, many believe the Lotus Sutra contains the ultimate and complete teaching of the Buddha.

There was once a daughter of Sagara (“Ocean”), one of the great Dragon Kings who lived at the bottom of the sea. When the Buddha was teaching on Vulture Peak, Bodhisattva Chishaku stood up and said, “It took eons of practicing austerities and accumulating wisdom for even our own Shakyamuni Buddha to realize awakening. Is it possible for anyone to quickly attain Buddhahood?”

To this Manjusri Bodhisattva said, “With the Awakened One’s permission, let me tell you about the Dragon King’s daughter. She is just eight years old, highly intelligent, and well-versed in Buddha-dharma. In just a single moment, just one instant of time, after having generated the thought of awakening, she entered into meditation and became a Buddha.”

Bodhisattva Chishaku replied, “There is not even a spot as small as a poppy-seed in this universe where the Bodhisattva has not made efforts for the sake of all living beings and only after such efforts was he able to realize awakening. I find it hard to believe that a mere girl could become a Buddha so quickly.”

It was at that moment when the Dragon King’s daughter arrived and Shariputra asked her, “The Buddha Path is long; I too, have difficulty understanding how you could so speedily become a buddha.”

The Dragon King’s daughter turned, bowed to the Buddha and offered him a precious jewel. When he immediately accepted this gift, she said to Shariputra, “Did you see that Shakyamuni Buddha received the jewel I offered to him which signifies proof of my having attained enlightenment?”

And in a flash, she was transformed into a man and flew up into the heavens. She appeared in a world to the south called the “Land without Impurities” sat on top of a lotus flower, and was endowed with the thirty-two features and eighty characteristics of a Buddha.

She then preached the teachings of the Lotus Sutra to all people of that land. All the people, dragons and animals who witnessed this were overjoyed as they realized that they too would be able to obtain Buddhahood as they were. tells us that this short teaching speaks against, at the same time, ageism, sexism, casteism, racism and speciesism. Despite being young, female, a non-brahmin (priests revered in ancient India as the ‘select few’ with higher spirituality), and a dragon, the Dragon Girl was able to attain Buddhahood swiftly, by adhering to the great universal teachings of the Lotus Sutra.

I like the Dragon Girl. I have to imagine she was dedicated and open to learning.

It’s also a good reminder to not judge other people. Just because they are young or female or a dragon, we can’t judge where they are on the path of life. We can’t know all their battles or all their accomplishments.

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Readers’ Workouts – 8/25


Readers workouts

So, here are my steps for the week. I hit my goal for the week overall.


Here’s my current plan.


CT stands for cross-training, SS stands for stretching or strength-training.

My week:

Tuesday – 30 mins of weights, crunches, etc

Wednesday – 1 hr on the elliptical

Thursday – 20 mins of weights (I was going to go running, but we had to deal with plumbing issues)

Sunday- 7.3 miles

Monday- 50 crunches, 10 girly push-ups. Tried to take the dog for a walk, but he wasn’t interested.

I’ve gained a couple pounds in the last few weeks. I need to watch what I’m eating more and remember that running doesn’t mean I can eat as many cookies as I want. I’m down 9.8 lbs from 5/19.

I usually listen to a book while I’m running or walking. This week I finished Malice by Keigo Higashino and started First Impressions by Charlie Levitt.

How was your week? Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy at Joy’s Book Blog. Thanks!

A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Mr. Kate

A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Mr. KateA Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects by Mr. Kate
Published by William Morrow on June 16, 2015
Genres: DIY
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
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In this beautiful paperback edition featuring French flaps, hugely popular lifestyle blogger, YouTube star, and designer Mr. Kate (Kate Albrecht) offers a stunning collection of step-by-step personal style and home projects—woven in with quirkily hilarious stories and anecdotes.

Do you dream of finding ways to infuse do-it-yourself projects into every aspect of your life and have fun doing it? From the quirky personality behind the Mr. Kate brand comes a not-so-average DIY lifestyle book that will make your dreams of creating unique how-to projects become reality.

Filled with 50 unique and approachable projects, along with hysterical, unfiltered stories from Mr. Kate’s crazy life, A Hot Glue Gun Mess will show how life can inspire art. Growing up with a high-powered Hollywood father and an oddball, down-to-earth mother, Kate Albrecht had a childhood that was anything but normal. From how her first period influenced her to become an artist to how her friendship with a high-priced hooker encouraged DIY beauty products, Mr. Kate’s stories are weird, wonderful, personal, inspiring, and downright hilarious.

Her love of self-expression inspired Mr. Kate to create her own DIY life and a social media platform to connect with young women everywhere. Her projects involve style, home design, and beauty, including DIY nail art techniques, upcycled projects for your old jeans, and watercolor curtains. You don’t have to be a seamstress, metalsmith, or expert at anything to enjoy these projects, all of which are doable in under two hours and require a minimal number of supplies. Now you, too, can become a DIY diva!

Maybe I’m too old or maybe I’m just not cool enough, but A Hot Glue Gun Mess didn’t really inspire me. There are a couple of cute projects that I may try, like the heels with bows or the mercury glass vase, but I really don’t need a feather crown or pom-pom cushion. The photos are all well-done and the layout is nice. It’s kind of a memoir meets DIY book. The book is full of short stories from Kate’s privileged life, each followed by a craft project that may or may not be related. Most of her stories are from her childhood/teen/college years and though some were amusing, eventually I just didn’t care. She drops names and shares more than I really want to know. Actually, I quit reading them and just looked at the pretty pictures.

I enjoy crafts and there are a few here I’d like to try.  Maybe I’ll just photocopy those pages and send this book on to someone who might enjoy it more than I did.

About Mr. Kate

mr kate

Kate Albrecht is the designer, stylist, interior decorator, cook, blogger, host, DIYer, crafter, frugalista, environmental enthusiast, and opinionated personality behind this quirky and cutting edge brand. as a jane-of-all-trades, with a knack for anything creative, she is the Martha Stewart for her generation (generation Y and Z with some X and Boomers thrown in too!). through a blog, web videos and popular Mr. Kate jewelry line the Mr. Kate brand is an authority on stylish and affordable living for all young consumers.

Kate grew up in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley and attended college at Loyola Marymount University where she majored in film production and minored in theater. Kate studied jewelry making under contemporary art jeweler Sue Dorman.

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