wedI Thee Wed by Amanda Quick


Sharp-witted lady’s companion Emma Greyson has as much trouble holding a job as she does holding her tongue. But lack of references can’t deter Emma; she just writes her own and finagles a new position. Her present employment brings Emma to a tedious house party in the country where she spends most of her time trying to dodge the lecherous groping of the gentlemen guests. In fact, to avoid just such an encounter Emma is forced to hide in a wardrobe. The only problem is that the space is already occupied–by mysterious financier Edison Stokes, no less! Stokes is on a quest to locate a volume of arcane potions that could prove deadly if it falls into the wrong hands, and he believes the text is in the possession of one of the partygoers. Emma soon finds herself the focus of another kind of attention, equally undesirable, when her highly developed intuition makes her susceptible to the powerful potions of the black arts. To protect her, Stokes hires Emma to be his assistant, but quickly realizes that keeping Emma out of danger is a full-time job. The only solution is to keep her close to him–very close to him. And neither Stokes nor Emma minds that at all!

My thoughts:

I listened to this audiobook while in the car. I like this kind of story for that purpose because they’re fun, full of adventure and romance, but don’t really take a lot of thought on my part. This is part of Quick’s Vanza series and it was what I expected it to be, thoroughly enjoyable with a happy ending. The plot provided some twists and turns and enough excitement to keep me interested.  I’m acutally enjoing this series. I listened to Wicked Widow earlier this year and I just started Lie by Moonlight today.


  • This is somewhere in a box in storage but I haven’t read it yet. I did pick up the previous novel in this series but never got around to reading it before it was due back.

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