words3I found a few new words this week, at least words that were new to me.


stavro– tried to look it up, but I still don’t know. Apparently I need some Greek friends.

He kissed the ikona, did his stavro, and looked down at the corpse of Lou Cachoris. (-pg. 213, The Turnaround by George Pelecanos)

mootrah– the closest I can seem to find is “faced down” or “pulled a face” (from Pro Z.com).

he would be on the receiving end of the mootrah, the whispers, long faces, and stares (-pg. 213, The Turnaround by George Pelecanos)

tisane– an herbal infusion or similar preparation drunk as a beverage or for is medicinal effect

In addition to something for the pain, I have another tisane for you. (-pg. 79, The Perfect Poison by Amanda Quick)

To join in the fun, head over to Bermudaonion’s Weblog.


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