lie-by-moonlightLie by Moonlight by Amanda Quick, read by Anne Flosnik


The curriculum for Miss Concordia Glade’s classroom has expanded from languages and social graces to explosives because that’s the only way she can think of to get her charges out of their castle/prison before something terrible happens. Concordia not only destroys the building but also has to kill a thug who attacks her and her girls as they try to escape. Gentleman thief turned private investigator, Ambrose Wells, who’s at Aldwick Castle to look into other matters, can’t believe what he’s seeing, and spirits Concordia and the four teens away to the safety of his London townhouse. Concordia, like other heroines created by Quick, is a strong feminist who gets herself into a plethora of trouble and is equally adept at saving herself. These traits frustrate alpha male Ambrose, even as he reluctantly admires her courage, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. As the heinous tale unfolds, villains appear at every turn, from the mean streets of Victorian England to the opulent parlors of London’s upper crust, but Ambrose and Concordia will do anything to keep the girls safe.

My thoughts:

You know what you’re getting when you read Quick: an independent heroine, the alpha male who wants to protect her, both of them with secrets they are trying to hide. There’s nothing new and it’s full of clichés, but it’s fun, and light-hearted. Of course, there’s a happy ending, if a slightly “unconventional” one.  This isn’t great literature, but it isn’t pretending to be. Call it my guilty pleasure. Books like this are perfect for me to listen to in the car when I’m by myself, but I have to make sure I turn them off before Amber gets in. For me they’re pretty tame, but racier than I want Amber to hear.

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  • They’re my guilty pleasure too! I think there is very little which can provide me with more quick, relaxing fun than reading a great romance novel.

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