dragon of doomThe Dragon of Doom (Moongobble and Me #1) by Bruce Coville


Edward is bored with life in the little town of Pigbone. Then Moongobble the Magician and his faithful toad, Urk, move into the cottage on the hill.

Soon Edward has a job helping Moongobble. And Moongobble needs a lot of help because it turns out, he is not a very good magician. (His spells keep turning things into cheese!)

Edward has never been so busy — or so happy. But then someone threatens to stop Moongobble from ever casting another spell. Edward can’t let that happen. He’ll do anything to save his friend’s magic — even face the deadly, dreaded Dragon of Doom!

My thoughts:

We actually listened to this on CD and it lasted about an hour. Amber says Coville is her favorite author to listen to in the car. I think it’s because his stories are wacky and the CDs have a full cast, not just a single narrator, which makes them fun. This is the first in a series and it’s an enjoyable little story. Kids who like magicians and dragons will get a kick out of it. The back of the CD said it’s aimed at ages 6-9, which I would say is about right.

There are a couple good lessons snuck in. It’s important to stand by your friends, even when they’re facing something scary. Also, sometimes the scary monster isn’t that scary after all; sometimes it’s all just “smoke and mirrors.” We’ll probably pick up the next one in the series on CD sometime soon. I want to see what happens next to Edward and Moongobble.

The series:

  1. The Dragon of Doom
  2. The Weeping Werewolf
  3. The Evil Elves
  4. The Mischief Monster


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