Lucan tourI want to thank Susan Kearney, author of Lucan, for taking a page in my notebook today to tell us a little about why she loves fantasy and about her Pendragon trilogy. Read on for a chance to win Lucan, the first in the trilogy. I just finished it yesterday and it was great.

Why I love Fantasy

As a child I grew up reading science fiction.  As an adult I loved romance.  Nothing makes me happier than combining the two genres and writing futuristic romance.

LucanTake Lucan, the first book in my Pendragon Legacy trilogy.  The hero is an archeologist who finds a star map that may lead him to the Holy Grail.  I mean that’s cool.  And after he crosses the galaxy, he never expects to find a planet called Pendragon, or to fall for the High Priestess of Avalon.  Of course, she’s special.  And she has a secret.  She’s a dragon shaper.  She can morph into a fire breathing dragon.  Kill with a breath.  And since she’s the only dragon shaper on her world, her people both revere and fear her.  She’s not allowed to touch or be touched.

Now as I imagine my lonely lady dragon shaper, I wonder what it would be like to be fated to live alone?  How would it make me feel?  What would happen if a handsome, adventurous guy came along and broke all the rules? 

In Rion the second book in the series, the hero kidnaps the heroine to save his world.  While she’s furious, she also sees how badly his people need her special abilities.  So I’ve given her very human conflicts.

And in Jordan, I’m dealing with a man who has lived for over fifteen hundred years—can you imagine what that would be like?

Giving my characters special abilities, placing them in unique situations is  . . . fun.  The possibilities are endless.  As infinite as my imagination.  As fertile as the galaxy.

The Giveaway:

Susan already gave you a little taste of what the book is about. I enjoyed it thoroughly. How can you go wrong with dragons, the King Arthur legend and other planets? Lucan and Lacy Cael are great characters, their conflicts feel real, the sex scenes are well-done and I found myself caring about them. I’m definitely hooked and can’t wait to get my hands on Rion.

So, has it grabbed your interest? I’m giving away five copies of Lucan. To enter, just leave a comment below by October 4th. I’ll announce the winners on the 5th. Sharing somehow, somewhere will get you an extra entry, just make sure to let me know. Sorry, but this one’s open to the US and Canada only, no PO boxes, and you have to be 18+ to enter. (Did I mention it has some steamy sex scenes?)

Thanks to Anna at Hachette Book Group for my copy of Lucan and for allowing me to host the giveaway.


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