operation actually read bible

This is a perpetual challenge hosted by Becky at Operation Actually Read Bible. The goal is to actually sit down and read the Bible. This fits well with one of my own personal goals, being more consistent with daily Bible reading. My plan is to start with Matthew and continue on through the New Testament. I’m also hoping to read one of the Psalms each day.


  • Sounds like a great challenge! I started with page 1 many years ago. I think I got to the Psalms eventually over a couple of years, and then stopped. Hopefully you let us know how it’s going!

  • stacybuckeye

    I read the Bible in a year, using the book that broke it down to daily readings. Well, I was supposed to finish it in a year, but it took me more like a year and a half 🙂 The only thing I didn’t like about using that book to do it was that you read from the old & new testaments and psalms everyday. If I were to do it again I would just read straight through my study Bible.
    Good luck on your worthy challenge 🙂

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