Incan GoldIncan Gold

  • Designers: Alan R Moon, Bruno Faidutti
  • Manufacturers: FRED Distribution
  • Artist: Matthias Catrein
  • Year: 2009
  • Players: 3 – 8
  • Time: 20 – 40 minutes
  • Ages: 8 and up

Incan Gold is a quick, fun game of bluff and daring in which explorers push their luck while exploring an old Incan temple in search of gold and treasure. In each round, you decide whether to delve deeper into the temple, adding to your riches, or escape with the share you’ve acquired so far.

Every time an explorer braves new territory, more gems and dangers appear. Giant spiders, mummies and fire can cause you to lose everything. Is it worth the risk? You decide. But if you leave, those who remain in the temple may acquire a bigger share of each stash of jewels yet to be found.

After five rounds of exploration, whoever has the most treasure is the ultimate explorer and the winner!

This is a fun little game. It seems to work better with a group of mixed ages, kids and adults. It’s a little too simple and luck-based for our regular group of adults, but it’s a lot of fun when we play with Amber. It’s also a fairly easy tot each new people.

Math is an added benefit of this game. There are times you need to divide the treasure between the number of remaining explorers. Since actual little stones represent the treasure, the division concept is easy, reinforcing how to divide without kids realizing. Fun and learning are always a great combo.

We purchased this game. I am a Funagain Games affiliate.


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