Tangled (2010)

Tangled (2010)

Tangled (2010)

David, Amber (10), my mom and I watched Tangled on Saturday. Personally, I was amazed that Amber wanted to see one of Disney’s princess movies, but it topped her list of movies to watch this weekend. Our theater wasn’t showing it in 3D, happily.

Supposedly it’s the story of Rapunzel, but reality is it has next to nothing to do with the original fairytale, which I read back in March. The similarities are the girl’s locked in a tower by a woman named Gothel and the girl falls in love with a man. Oh, and the girl has really, really long hair. That’s it. The rest is entirely Disney.

In this version, the baby is stolen from her crib by Mother Gothel, because of the child’s hair which can magically heal people or keep them young.  Mother Gothel hides Rapunzel in the tower, forbidding her to ever leave it, keeping the precious hair safe. While Gothel is away getting a present for Rapunzel’s 18th birthday, Flynn Ryder ends up in the tower on the run from the palace guards. Rapunzel recognizes her chance and convinces Ryder, with the help of a frying pan, to take her to see the annual lights festival. Aren’t we lucky that Rapunzel’s 18? I would have hated to see Ryder being accused of kidnapping or corruption of a minor. Adventure, danger, musical number, love and the requisite happy ever after ending all follow.

Some things I loved about the movie:

  • It was downright laugh out loud funny in parts. David compared one scene in particular to Monty Python.
  • The animal characters, a mute chameleon and a palace horse who acted more like a dog were stars in their own right.
  • The songs were sweet and catchy, not masterpieces but enjoyable.
  • I’m a sucker for the bad guy hero, who really does have a good heart underneath it all and gets the chance to prove it.

I would definitely recommend this movies to families. It’s fun. But my one concern is that now there’s going to be a whole generation of kids who think Rapunzel had magic hair.

We purchase our tickets and the above is my honest opinion.


  1. I saw this one, too! I loved the animals as well, though I agree about the story overall. My friend and I were laughing because The Little Mermaid was 16- so Ariel was all about the whole child bride thing. This way, at least she’s older. And as they say at the end, after “years and years” of asking, they finally got married so maybe she was in her 30s when it actually became official 😉

  2. We sat down and watched this movie this past week as well. While I enjoyed it, though not as close to the Rapunzel I know, the hubster really didn’t like it. He felt it was too babyish for the general populace of kids. Now I’m inclined to agree upon reflecting.

    Did Amber like it in the end?

  3. Tif

    My son and I watched this movie during a date afternoon! I thought it was a cute show, one of the better Disney’s I’ve seen in a while, but also a bit bummed that it was so far from the original story . . . but then again, a bit of gore would not go well with the kids!

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