At Giant Fire Breathing Robot, the question was asked: Who instilled in you your love of gaming?

The answer’s easy. My parents. We played games all the time when I was a kid, from Candyland when I was little to Monopoly, Scrabble,Life, Pictionary, Backgammon, etc.

Then, probably in high school, we started playing Euchre all the time, lunch, breaks, restaurants, whenever.

Fast forward to when Amber was born and we moved back to town after being gone for a couple of years. I don’t exactly know how it developed, but I think that instead of going out on a regular basis, it became easier for us for our friends just to come over to our house. And when you get together every week, you need something to do and games are perfect. Our tastes have broadened, last week for example we played Dominion and Death Angel, but it’s still playing games.  (Why can’t any of the space marines be women by the way?) And when people are in from out of town, they know that on Friday night, folks will be at our house playing games and they are welcome to join in.

What about you?