I am so sad…

I am so sad…

I missed the Peepster in Pittsburgh earlier today. I so would have taken the day off and headed up there. None of the other stops on the Random Act of Sweetness Tour are close enough for me. Peeps are one of my all-time favorite candies. It’s the one thing David knows he has to put in my Easter basket. I’m hoping for chocolate-covered peeps this year, too.

The Peepster in Chicago

By the way, if anyone (David) want to buy me a shirt or something cute for the house, there’s a shop.


  1. Meg

    Oh. My. GOODNESS. You know I’d be all over that too, Carol! I make my boyfriend take me to the Peeps store at National Harbor in Maryland whenever we’re in the vicinity (which is more often than you’d think…). It’s a magical place! Long live Peeps!

  2. Aww man! I missed out too! They were in Chicago on Tuesday – AND Ryan Dempster of the Chicago Cubs was there too!! Cubs and Peeps – that’s a stellar combo! I’ll have to keep an eye out for this next year!

    (And I didn’t know chocolate covered Peeps even existed – that’s a dream come true right there!)

  3. Amy

    Carol, I live in Pennsylvania–about 20 minutes from Peep mania! The Peep Mobile is in ALL our local parades. In fact, I’ve been to Just Born and toured their little gift shop (you can get free candy). The week after Easter Just Born gave my college campus loads of free boxes of leftover Peeps. If you need a Peep hook-up just let me know!

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