Teaser from Murder on the Orient Express

Teaser from Murder on the Orient Express

By the step leading up into the sleeping-car stood a young French lieutenant, resplendent in uniform, conversing with a small man muffled up to the ears, of whom nothing was visible but a pink-tipped nose and the two points of an upward-curled moustache.

It was freezingly cold, and this job of seeing off a distinguished stranger was not one to be envied, but Lieutenant Dubose performed his part manfully.

(Tuesday Teaser from pg. 3 of Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie)


  1. A most excellent book! This was one of the first Christies I read. Loved it and have seen two movie versions. I especially love the more recent one with David Suchet (and if you haven’t seen it, I also highly recommend the special he did, David Suchet on Board the Orient Express).

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