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In “Ride-Along” by Bendan DuBois, a veteran police officer has agreed to allow a freelance writer to ride long with him on his nightly patrol. When called, to a the scene of a jewelry store robbery, it turns out that everything is not as simple as it seems.

This was not my favorite story in The Best American Mystery Stories 2011, but it was enjoyable enough. I like the cop character, smart, hard-working and conniving. The “reporter” was an interesting woman, too, but the story-telling style, was too disjointed for me. It jumped too many times from the present to the crime and back, for a short story. On the other hand, it was interesting how the author kept giving us bits until we had the whole story.

I read it in The Best American Mystery Stories 2011 which can be ordered from Amazon or  an Indie bookstore. Even though it’s not really a mystery, more of a crime story.

3 out of 5 stars

Category: Crime- Short Story

First published in The Strand Magazine #32, 2010

Book source: For review

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