I have a confession to make, several confessions actually, all book-related. So, here’s the deal: I’ll tell my deep, dark bookish secrets if you tell me yours.

  1. I peek ahead at the end. Peek might not be the right word as it implies a quick look, and what I do is not quick at all. I’ll read the entire last chapter, maybe two or three. Not in every book, but fairly often, especially when I’ve become emotionally attached to the characters and just have to know how it turns out for them or if they’re even still alive at the end. The wait to get to there can just be too long and tension-filled. And in mysteries sometimes I just have to know who the killer is, make sure it’s not a character I really like. E-books and audios make this tough though.
  2. I dog-ear book pages. I can’t help it. I’m just horrible about haveing bookmarks on hand, so the top corner is for my place in the book. The bottom corner is for passages I want to go back to, either great quotes, turning places in the story, or something I need to look at a second time for whatever reason.
  3. I’ve been known to find extra chores that need done around the house so I can listen longer to whatever audio book I’m currently in the middle of rather than spend time watching TV or playing video games with my family.
  4. I’m jealous of my husband’s car. It has a port to plug in an MP3 player and mine doesn’t. I could listen to the same book at home, walking the dog, and in the car. How awesome would that be?
  5. I love my friends, but sometimes I hate having to talk to them. After all, I could be reading instead.
  6. The only reason I don’t mind fishing is because I can listen to/read a book while I’m doing it. And David takes the fish I catch off the hook. Okay, that’s not really a secret.
  7. I avoid books that I know will make me cry. Yes, I know I miss out on some absolutely amazing stories that way, but I’m okay with that.
  8. I love a good, cheesy romance. Thank heavens for my Kindle, people can’t see the shirtless man on the front of my books.
  9. I judge people by the books they read. Well, not so much by what kind of books they read, but by whether they read at all. I don’t care if you read one book a month or twenty, if you read romances or classics or graphic novels, just read.
  10. Last confession. Some classics I just have no desire to read – Moby Dick, Great Expectations, Les Miserables, Fahrenheit 451.

So, any confessions to share?

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  • Anachronist

    “I love my friends, but sometimes I hate having to talk to them. After all, I could be reading instead”

    rofl!!! I can relate!!

  • #5, #7, #8! These are all me, too! There have been so many times at parties that I really just wanted to go home and finish that book from the night before… And I totally have to force myself to read the sad books. Best thing for those is to read them on a super hot day by the pool (one thing DC summers are good for, I suppose).

    Great confessions – thanks for sharing!

  • Carol, YOU PEEK AHEAD, nooooooooo say you don’t :-0 I am in shock, shock I say. That is a great confession, still shocked……….. 🙂

    I won’t loan you books, no dogears is a stipulation I have, lol

    The friends and wanting to read, yup, I get that, lol

    You are to much, peek ahead, pretending I didn’t read that now.

  • hahahaha I avoid my phone at times or say it “died” when someone gets mad. lol

    I should listen to audis more often. :/ I do so much driving that it makes sense. Great list Carol!

  • I’m horrible about peeking ahead, though I don’t read the last chapter. I’m more of a last page kinda guy. I don’t do it on every book, or even most, but I do it too often.

  • Haha, I know what you mean about friends – at work I always read at lunch so sometimes I’m almost disappointed that a teacher I get on well with is in the staffroom at the time!

  • I think dog-earing book pages is horrible, and I used to do it all the time! (I also used to underline passages in my books). I had the exact same system as you- top corner folded down was to mark my place, bottom corner folded up was usually to mark a page that had a word I needed to look up.

    Sometimes I peek ahead too, but it’s only when I’ve realized I don’t want to finish the book for some reason, yet still want to know what happens at the end!

  • I read Moby Dick in high school…you’re not missing anything. I sometimes peek at the end, especially if I have a feeling I’m going to be devastated if things don’t turn out the way I want them to. I also dog-ear pages from time to time. Loved reading your list!

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