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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is about book covers – what we like, what we don’t. Honestly, since I’ve moved to mostly e-books and audios, I don’t tend to notice covers as much. I think, too, I usually know what books I want to read, I don’t browse coves in a bookstore/library like I used to.  But. here are some things I like in book covers and some I don’t.

  1. I don’t like seeing half of people’s heads.
  2. I don’t like it when a cover looks summery, or wintery, and the book just isn’t. Like the book that has the main character in a floaty summer dress when most of the story takes place in a snow storm.
  3. I don’t like when the cover just has the title and author in an interesting typeface. I want pictures of some kind.
  4. I don’t like those almost cartoony cozy mystery covers. I know they match the cutesy titles, but I’m not a fan.
  5. I don’t like when the characters on the cover don’t look at all like they’re actually described in the book.
  6. I do like when the cover gives you a sense of place, whether it be a city in the background or a beach or whatever.
  7. I like women in ball gowns. I like pretty dresses in general.
  8. I like pretty, yummy covers. I don’t know how else to describe cover like The Wedding Bees.
  9. I like when a cover makes it clear what type of book it is – steampunk is an easy example.
  10. I like Christmassy covers. I can’t help it, they always grab my attention.

And a few covers I like:


  1. I know what you mean about not noticing covers as much now you’re using electronic books more – I feel the same. The other thing I’ve noticed is sometimes I can read a book and then have to go back to check out the author – you just don’t have the same reinforcement as when you’re constantly seeing the book cover!
    Lynn 😀

  2. Even with an ebook I’m still attracted by covers. An ugly cover or one that’s been done over an over – bodies with no heads, women standing in water, the edge of a pier and the boots sitting on a bench come to mind – is not an eye grabber. A nature scene will usually get me to look and a good space opera illustration, think Chesley Bonestell’s artwork, will get me to read further.

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