We’re not very consistent about changing the filter on our furnace, which is why the following article really struck home. We actually had a new unit put in a few years ago with a thicker filter that only needs replaced once a year.

Changing your furnace or air conditioning filter is something that many homeowners forget to do, but this simple form of maintenance can help save on repair bills. By changing the filter, you are preventing dirt form entering the heating and air conditioning system. This dirt finds its way into the motor and belts, creating a build up of dirt and grime that causes the system to fail. A dirty filter will also mean that there is a good chance that dirt is being passed through to the output of the system and sent through the ducts and out the vents. This dirty air is then breathed by everyone in the home. It is not only unhealthy, but people with allergies or who have breathing problems will have their conditions aggravated.

How often should you change your filters?

It is not a good idea to simply look at your old filter to determine what shape it is in, and if it is time to replace it. It is possible that a filter is dirtier than it appears, so a visual inspection is unreliable. For best results, it is best to change the filter once a month. This way, you will always have a fresh filter protecting your heating system.

When should you replace the filter?

It is best to change the filter on the same day each month, and make it a day when you are doing something else that you always do on the same day each month. Perhaps it can be the same day you pay your mortgage. Simply make changing your filter a part of your monthly ritual.

Where is the best place to buy filters?

Unfortunately, your local hardware store may not have the brand you need to match your home furnace or air conditioning system. For example, if you are looking for a honeywell furnace filter for a particular model of furnace, you may not be able to get it locally. Another problem is availability. Your local hardware store carries it occasionally, but when you need it, they do not have it in stock. Of course, they will offer to order it for you, but you can do this yourself.

Order online and in quantity

You can find the exact filter you need on the Internet and order several of them at a time, so you will always have one on hand to replace your dirty filter. There are several websites you can find furnace filters at. One example is Your Filter Connection.


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