Readers workouts

Here are my steps for the week. If you’re on fitbit, you can find me here.

My current plan is to do cardio on Tuesday (60 mins), upper body on Wednesday, cardio on Thursday (60 mins), a total body workout on Friday, cardio on Saturday (60+ mins), and a core workout on Monday. I’m also doing a 10 minute-ish Pilates workout each day.

Tuesday – 35 mins Pilates/barre combo.

Wednesday – 10 mins Pilates. 10 mins arms and shoulders.

Thursday – 30 mins elliptical. Walk with dog. 30 mins Pilates abs and arms.

Saturday – 10.4 mile trail run. My time was 2:30:10, which was about 8 minutes better than last year. My brother ran with me. The picture below is just before the finish line.

Monday – Walk with the dog. 15 mins core, 10 mins Pilates abs.


I usually listen to a book while I’m walking, jogging, whatever. This week I finished The Cracked Spine by Paige Shelton and “Cat’s Paws” by Bill Pronzini.

2016 miles: 174.75

How was your week? Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy at Joy’s Book Blog.


  1. I got to thinking after I posted my comment that I can’t think of anywhere near me to do a trail run.except for a few paved trails. I like that you ran on some grass. I don’t think I’ve done that since I was a kid. And I don’t think I could run 1/2 mile let alone 10.4.

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