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I’m not much of a traveller and really haven’t been to that many cities. There are some I love reading about, Venice particularly, but that I’ve never actually been to. I think my favorite city, at least of those I’ve actually been to, is probably Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is the city we’re closest too, about 45 minutes from downtown, so it’s where we head for a lot of performances and sporting events. It has three major league sports teams, hockey, football and baseball, and a minor league soccer team. The National Aviary is there and the zoo is very nice. We love the museums, especially the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Carnegie Museum of Art, but the Warhol, the Heinz History Center, the Science Center, and the Children’s Museum. There’s the symphony and ballet, theaters and galleries, restaurants, parks and libraries. It has two inclines and, according to Wikipedia, 446 bridges.

Pittsburgh just really is a great city. There is always something to see or do and I’m glad we live close enough to go whenever we want.

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