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I don’t watch many romantic movies. We’re more action/fantasy folks. I wish I could say my favorite romantic movie is Casablanca or Gone with the Wind, but to be honest I don’t really remember much about them. The one that popped into my mind was one we watched years and years ago, but i still pull out the sheet music to play.

The Piano takes place during Victiorian times. Ada McGrath is mute and she has a young daughter. They are sent to the New Zealsand wilderness with Ada the imported bride of dullard land-grabber Stewart. Ada immediately takes a dislike to Stewart when he refuses to carry her beloved piano home with them from the beach, instead making a deal with his overseer George Baines to take the piano off his hands. Baines is attracted to Ada and agrees to return the piano to her in exchange for piano lessons that become a series of increasingly charged sexual encounters. It may not necessarily be a happy romance, but it is so full of passion. And Ada and Baines are together in the end.

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