Reader’s Workouts – 11/7

Reader’s Workouts – 11/7

This week’s activities:

Wednesday – Lunges, Pilates
Thursday – Lunges, Pilates
Friday – Lunges
Saturday – Lunges
Sunday – Lunges, Pilates

Goals for November:

I have been such a slacker lately. I need to make exercise a priority, not something I do if I have time.

Gym – 4 times
Pilates – 12 times (Done: 3 times)
I’m also going to try the #Lungevember challenge. I’m going with the easy level because lunges are tough!

This week’s dinners:

I really need to cut down on the sweets, cookies, etc. If I listed them, there would be way too many!!

Halloween – Mummy pizzas, cheese dip and chips

Wednesday – Italian sub, chips, cookie
Thursday – Chicken patty sandwiches, macaroni and cheese
Friday – Egg roll casserole
Saturday – Eggplant Parmesan at a restaurant
Sunday – Stuffed plantain at a restaurant
Monday – Leftover egg roll casserole

Meal ideas for next week:

Hawaiian chicken
Chicken spinach salad
Shrimp and veggies
Ginger and garlic pork

Year Fitness Goals:

So, I’ve failed at these, but we’ll see by how much at the end of the year.

– Lose weight. Goal – Lose 26 lbs. (Currently at -15.6)
– Run 2 5ks, 1 10K and 1 half. Completed – 1 10K; 1 5K (The half I was planning on doing got cancelled.)
– Hit my weekly step goal (56,000 steps) for 48 weeks. Weeks completed: 30

How was your week? Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy at Joy’s Book Blog.


  1. I’m not very good at doing lunges. I’m really good at squats but couldn’t find a challenge for them.
    I LOVE egg rolls but don’t think I’ve ever heard of egg roll casserole so you know what I’ll be searching for.

  2. joyweesemoll

    Those mummy pizza are adorable!

    The lunge challenge looks interesting. My body works best if my legs are strong. But I always have to be careful with my knees — so there’s a balance that I’m not usually as on top of as I’d like to be.

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