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It’s been a big year for news, especially in the areas of politics and entertainment. The news from Washington, DC, as the new Trump administration made its sympathies known, has been coming fast and furious. The news has been breaking sometimes on an hourly basis, with dizzying and startling events coming out of Washington that have left many citizens feeling exhausted, as this radical new administration has taken some definitely unusual approaches to governing.

Gender Inequality Issues In Our Culture

As the news from the political world has continued to startle in the past year, so also has the news from Hollywood. The biggest story this year, in entertainment and also in politics and the corporate world, has been the #Metoo movement, which quickly arose after the revelations of sexual abuse broke in Hollywood. The story started with major news about film producer Harvey Weinstein, when reporter Ronan Farrow released a story in The New Yorker about Weinstein’s abusive behavior towards many actresses who worked with him.

A Rapid Escalation

Soon, the stories about sexual workplace abuse escalated, with new revelations coming out almost hourly. Very quickly, actor Kevin Spacey found his reputation in ruins, and he was replaced in the major film release, “All the Money in the World,” when the director, Ridley Scott, began to see him as a liability. Revelations (which were much less serious) also came out about Al Franken, who was forced to leave his seat in congress.

The news continued on at breakneck speed, as more and more cases of abuse were revealed. The mixing together of stories about rape with other stories of minor actions, like unwanted flirtatious comments, made the situation dizzying at times. The drama of it all seemed to come from the fact that women (and also men) have endured years and years of abuse that couldn’t be spoken of. Now, it seemed, there was finally a chance to speak up, so women did speak up, and loudly.

Our culture has accepted gender inequality and abuse of power for centuries. Perhaps we are finally seeing a turning point, as women the world over are finally fighting back and receiving support for standing up for their rights.

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