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Week’s Highlight:

We spent Saturday afternoon at the aviary. We finally got to see the Soar! show on the Skydeck. The trainers showed off some of the aviary’s predators, including vultures, kites, and a hawk.


My boss gave me a short book he thought I might find interesting, so now I have to read it. What do you do when someone more or less makes you borrow a book? Does it make a difference who it is?

This week’s posts:


So, we’ve been participating in a #gameadaychallenge on Facebook for August. It’s been pretty fun actually. After the aviary, we obviously had to play a game of Wingspan.

Looking forward to:

Mom and I are going to Shaker Woods next weekend, which will be fun, presuming it doesn’t rain.

Amber doesn’t go back to school until Labor Day, so we’ve still got a couple weeks of summer left. Classes start that following Tuesday, but she’s putting moving back in off until the last day possible. Actually, it will make it easier, David and I both have the day off already and with most people moving in on Saturday it should be easier to find parking, etc.


  1. I have some books I borrowed from my brother-in-law half a year ago. Starting to feel guilty about that, now. I also have books family members gave me as gifts, that I really need to read so I can tell them how much I like them! You photo of the parrot is very nice, btw.

    1. I don’t borrow from family very often, we tend not to have the same tastes. I have a couple I’ve gotten as gifts that I need to read too.
      I did decided to just go ahead and finish the one from my boss. I was a little disappointed in it actually.

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