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I picked up one of the Audible freebies of the month. It seems too perfect for October and RIP XIV.

Mailbox Monday – 10/14Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Narrator: Phoebe Fox, Rose Leslie, David Tennant
Published by Audible Studios on October 27, 2015 (first published 1872)
Source: Audible Freebie
Length: 2 hrs 22 mins
Format: Audiobook
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Their house guest is beautiful and charming, but she carries a dark secret—one that could prove deadly. It’s time for gothic horror fans to sink their teeth into one of the very first vampire thrillers ever written. David Tennant, Phoebe Fox, and Rose Leslie breathe new life into J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s classic horror story, Carmilla.

It all begins when Laura’s widowed father finds Carmilla stranded in the forest after a carriage accident and takes her in. The young women develop a fast friendship which turns into a passionate meeting of souls. A relationship of vampire and prey, the story is told through Laura’s eyes as she is drawn further into Carmilla’s terrifying world of pleasure and pain.

A masterpiece of erotic gothic horror, Carmilla encompasses mystery, suspense, forbidden lust, violence...and blood. This audio adaptation of Carmilla has been dramatized by Robin Brooks, an actor, dramatist, and author who has been working as a playwright for over 25 years. Carmilla was directed by Fiona McAlpine of Allegra Productions for Audible Originals. David Tennant, Phoebe Fox, and Rose Leslie bring their talent and gravitas to this Audie nominated performance (Original Work), making it an exhilarating listening experience.

And I had to get this simply for the novelty value. I’ll probably give solving it a shot though.

Mailbox Monday – 10/14Cain's Jawbone by E. Powys Mathers
Published by Unbound on October 2, 2019 (first published 1934)
Source: Purchased
Genres: Mystery
Pages: 100
Format: Hardcover
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Six murders. One hundred pages. Millions of possible combinations... but only one is correct. Can you solve Torquemada's murder mystery?

In 1934, the Observer's cryptic crossword compiler, Edward Powys Mathers (aka Torquemada), released a novel that was simultaneously a murder mystery and the most fiendishly difficult literary puzzle ever written.

The pages have been printed in an entirely haphazard order, but it is possible - through logic and intelligent reading - to sort the pages into the only correct order, revealing six murder victims and their respective murderers.

Only two puzzlers have ever solved the mystery of Cain's Jawbone: do you have what it takes to join their ranks?

Please note: this puzzle is extremely difficult and not for the faint-hearted.

This is a new edition of the last 100-page puzzle in Torquemada's 1934 "The Torquemada Puzzle Book." It is a limited edition boxed set in which the pages are printed on cards to facilitate solving.


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