Teaser from Holmes on the Range

There are two things you can’t escape out here in the West: dust and death. They sort of swirl together in the wind, and a fellow never knows when a fresh gust is going to blow one or the other right in his face. So while I’m yet a young man, I’ve already laid eyes on every manner of demise you could put a name to. I’ve seen folks drowned, shot, stabbed, starved, frozen, poisoned, hung, crushed, gored by steers, dragged by horses, bitten by snakes, and carried off by an assortment of illnesses with which I could fill the rest of this book and another besides.

So it’s quite a compliment I bestow when I say that the remains we came across the day after the big storm were the most frightful I’d ever seen.

(Tuesday Teaser from Holmes on the Range by Steve Hockensmith)

Teaser from The Hanging Wood

Her foot caught on a hook protruding from a lichen-smeared stone cheese press long ago abandoned in the grass, and she lost her balance for a second time. This time her ankle wrenched, and she sat down to massage the tender flesh. For an instant, she had an impression of a flash of light, as if the sun had glinted on a pair of field glasses.

When she picked herself up, not a soul was to be seen.

(Tuesday Teaser from 2% of The Hanging Wood by Martin Edwards)

Cooling down with AC: “The Tuesday Night Club”

Image source: Wikipedia The air conditioner at our house doesn’t work and it’s hot here, but that’s not why I’m participating in the Spend the Summer with Agatha Christie read-alongs. I do like the phrase “Cooling Down with AC,” though. I adore Agatha Christie, and have since I discovered her …