How do I do chores?

My MP3 player died the other day. I ordered a new one, a Sansa Clip+ like my last one because I loved it and I know how to work it. It’s supposed to come sometime today- my fingers are crossed. Yesterday evening though, I had good intentions of working around the house, cleaning up the basement a little, doing some weeding, but I couldn’t listen to my book. 🙁 I ended up sitting in front of the tv half the night instead. How do you get motivated to do chores when there’s not the promise of listening to a story?

National Get Outdoors Day.

Today is National Get Outdoors Day. You can find a list of participating locations here, but even if you don’t get to one of the official locations, get out anyway. Go play in the park. Go fishing, hiking, mountain biking, rafting. Have fun! Let me know how you play on enjoying the outdoors this weekend.