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Please take the time to read the following information to prevent any misunderstandings or misconceptions. My email address is carol@carolsnotebook.com.

Pitches: I’m open to receiving pitches from publishers, publicists, and authors. Please be aware that I find more than a few pitches in my e-mail inbox every week. I cannot take the time to answer each one. I will contact you if the book or product looks like a good match for me. If I don’t respond, please feel free to pitch another book or product, you never know what will strike me as interesting.

Unsolicited books: I am open to getting unsolicited ARCs, early finished copies, and backlist books in my mailbox. There is no guarantee that these will be reviewed, but if they catch my interest, I will read and review them.

Book formats: I prefer e-books that are compatible with a Kindle e-reader. I will accept an early copy of a finished book, and I do gladly accept and review ARCs.  I will review backlist books and self-published books. Note that I also review my own books and library books. I do accept audiobooks for review.

Genres: I’m an eclectic reader, but I don’t read and review everything. For an idea of what types of books I’ve reviewed on Carol’s Notebook, click the “reviews” tab at the top of this page.

Timing: If you would like me to participate in a book blog tour or hit a particular post date, I will work with you to meet that deadline. Otherwise I will post reviews to suit my own schedule.

Nature of reviews: I write my honest assessment. My reviews are in no way affected by the source of the book or product (bought, borrowed, or review copy) or my relationship with the author, publicist, marketing person, or publisher. In addition, I provide links for buying through Amazon.com; the links in my posts lead to affiliate programs.

Book Rating system: I use a system of 1-5 stars, because it coordinates with the system on Goodreads.  5 star books are ones that I believe to have some exceptional merit in terms of writing style, character development, theme, or other aspect. Sometimes a 5 is awarded because the book was simply a delight to read.  4 star books are above average. These books are well worth the read and are definitely recommended. 3 stars are given to average books. Such a book may have been a good read but not particularly special. Or it may be a great book but just not for me. 2 star books are ones I finished, but can not recommend. 1 star books are ones I could not finish or simply hated.

What if I can’t finish the book? If I cannot or will not finish a book, I will still post a review explaining why the book did not click with me.

Where else to find Carol: Goodreads.comFacebook, and Twitter.

Compensation: I receive no compensation for any review that appears on this blog. I am a member of four affiliate programs: Amazon.com, IndieBound, Audible, and the Book Depository.

I do receive compensation for sponsored posts occasionally. They are categorized as Sponsored and tagged as Sponsored and Ad.

Copyright issues: All original content is my own unless otherwise noted, and I hold the copyright thereto. If you would like to use any of my material in print or on another site, you must contact me and obtain my permission first. Unauthorized use of my copyrighted text or photos will not be tolerated. Short quotations that are within the bounds of copyright restrictions can be used on book jackets and other promotional material as well as on blogs, provided full credit (and link, when appropriate) is given. Please attribute all quotations to “Carol’s Notebook”—when possible, please include the URL to the review.

Contact: Click on “Email Me” in my sidebar. My email address is carol@carolsnotebook.com.


For giveaways on Carol’s Notebook, I sometimes collect information about my blog readers. Required information is only what I need to know in order to contact winners and provide them with their prize. I may ask for other information, but only on a completely voluntary basis.  Any and all information collected is kept completely private. It is never sold or shared with a third party, unless said party is involved in the giveaway (i.e., the item is being shipped by a publisher or author, etc.). After a month, all information collected in relation to giveaways is deleted.

Guest Posting

Guest posters receive no material or monetary compensation, and as such retain all rights and liability attached to their posts. I do not alter or reproduce guest post material without permission.


  1. Your physical address please, I would like to send you an ARC of “Loose Ends,” the second novel in james Phoenix’s Fenway Burke series…Last year you reviewed volume #1, “Frame Up.”

    Last year he; “kept my attention throughout,”…This time I assure you, more so.


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