mba2MBA in a Book:Fundamental Principles of Business, Sales, and Leadership edited by Leslie Pockell

From the back:

This volume contains essential advice about the fundamentals of business, sales, and leadership from some of history’s most influential thinkers and doers: entrepreneurs, executives, scholars, statesmen, and philosophers. These often provocative quotations include invaluable insights on business practice and theory, investment, management, marketing, motivating, and more. Whether you require guidance on a particular subject, or feel the need for instant inspiration, MBA ina Book will be there for you, as you negotiate the winding road to success.

My thoughts:

I’m not sure what I expected when I opened this book, but this wasn’t it. It basically is a collection of mostly short quotes, which is interesting, but, at least for me, not all that useful.  I will share a couple of the quotes from the book that really struck me, though.

Avoid mushroom management (keeping your employees in the dark and covered in horseshit).


One may smile, and smile, and be a villain.

-William Shakespeare, Hamlet

There are no mistakes so great as that of being always right.

-Samuel Butler

Remember, you can still enter to win a copy for yourself.

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