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I’m still excited every time there’s a package waiting for me when I get home. Here’s what arrived at my house this week.


  • Coyote Horizon by Allen Steele, which I won at Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin’ News and Reviews
  • Spiced: A Pastry Chef’s True Stories of Trials by Fire, After-Hours Exploits, andWhat Really Goes on in the Kitchen by Dalia Jurgensen
  • One Deadly Sin by Annie Solomon
  • Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs by Molly Harper (Thanks, Amberkatze!)
  • Angels of Destruction by Keith Donohue
  • Enemies & Allies by Kevin J. Anderson
  • Moonlight on the Magic Flute (Magic Tree House #41) by Mary Pope Osborne (The Easter Bunny brought it for Amber, but we’ll read it together starting tonight.)

coyote spiced one-deadly nice-girls angels enemies moonlight1

Have you read any of them?


  1. I just finished SPICED and really enjoyed it – it’s light, fun, and informative. We bought THE MAGIC FLUTE book last week. My nephew is totally hooked on that series, although he’s starting to lean more toward the WIMPY KID books.

  2. Carol

    Wow, looks like I’m going to have to move Spiced up on my list, after all these comments.

    gwendolyn- She hasn’t read any of the Wimpy Kid books. She really prefers non-fiction, but I find it hard to find ones that are perfect for her.

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