desperauzThe Tale of Despereaux: A Junior Novelizationwritten by Jamie Michalak, based on the motion picture screenplay and based on the book by Kate DiCamillo


This lively junior novelization of the film The Tale of Despereaux tells the story of several unlikely heroes: Despereaux, a brave mouse banished to the dungeon for speaking with a human; Roscuro, a good-hearted rat who loves light and soup, but is exiled to darkness; Pea, a Princess in a gloomy castle who is prisoner to her father’s grief; and Mig, a servant girl who longs to be a Princess, but is forced to serve the jailer. An eight-page full-color insert of stills from the movie is included.

My thoughts:

This is the movie in a book, but it really is enjoyable. It read smoothly and Amber loved it. Every night she begged for one more chapter. I know it’s not the original, which is probably wonderful, but this one was fun and a great adventure.


  • I haven’t seen the movie since I would like to read the book first but I assume it will be pretty much the same since there was hardly any room for deviation in Because of Winn-Dixie.

  • The most important thing is reading it with your child! If she loved it, I think I’ll have to look it up for the kids at my house – sometimes they just aren’t ready for the “real” book!

  • I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this book. I have no idea how old your daughter is, but you really should give the original novel a try. I read it with my daughter last summer, and we breezed through the 200 or so pages (I can’t remember) in just a couple of days. It’s a great book.


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