Charlie and Mama KynaCharlie and Mama Kyna by Diana Rumjahn

This cute story starts when Charlie, an adorable frog, breaks his mom’s favorite vase. Instead of telling his mom, he runs away. He meets Leo, a lion, and Joe, a giraffe, and the three of them live in a tent outside a bakery. Eventually Charlie decides that he wants to go back  home and his new friends accompnay him on the journey. When they get back to Charlie’s house, his mom, Mama Kyna, is thrilled to see them and invites the two friends to live with them, too. Of course, they all celebrate and in the end Charlie promises never to run away again.

This delightful book is geared for kids ages 3-8. Amber, my daughter who is 9, said it would be good for younger kids even though she found it a little boring. The book itself is a sweet story, but it felt disjointed at times. It touches on some good lessons, like forgiveness, true friendship and the importance of home. Little ones will love the bright, colorful pictures, too.

Thanks to the author and Dorothy of Pump Up Your Book Promotion for my review copy.


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