Actually, many things make me smile – fresh flowers, knee socks straight out of the dryer, my Kindle- but today I thought I’d tell you about these three.

The cute heart headband was a gift from my mother. I love sparkles but never wear flashy jewelry or dresses. This heart is a perfect whimsical little touch that kind of hides in my hair and I can wear with jeans and a t-shirt if I want.

The bookmark was a gift from Amber. Of course it’s a wild animal because that’s what Amber loves, but the reason it makes me smile, besides the fact that she picked it out, is how nicely it works. The ribbon fits between the pages of the book so well and bends with them that it doesn’t interrupt my reading at all. And the little critter peeking his head over the top of the closed book is just adorable.

Those two are laying on my third thing, the flannel sheets my husband got me for my birthday a couple of years ago. I am always cold all winter and these make going to bed warm and cozy. He’s actually not a fam of them, but he knows how much I adore them, so he puts up with it three months of the year. He must love me.

What makes you smile today?


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