I got my very own Kindle for Christmas this year, which I’m very excited about. the problem currently is that I didn’t plan very well. I’ve got a couple of good old-fashioned books that I’m in the middle of and I need to finish them before I read something on my new toy.

The question today, inspired by WordPress’s Daily Post,  is “How do you prefer to read your books?” Are you one of those people who need to hold a book in their hands, feel the pages? Do you prefer e-books and if so what’s your reader of choice? Or do you prefer listening to books, hearing a good story while you’re driving or doing chores?

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For me, I’m looking forward to reading e-books. I’m not a big fan of audio books. I usually only listen to light romances or mysteries while I’m walking the dog or working around the house. It’s not my preference, because I tend to get lost if the book is long or the plot at all complicated.

What about you?


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