(Suggested Reading Level: Grades 4 and up)

Last time I reviewed a Muppet book, I forgot to mention a few things on my list of belongings. I have six glasses with picture from The Great Muppet Caper that McDonalds was giving away back in the 80s, a bunch of Sesame Street beanie babies, a couple Pez dispensers, and a fabric Kermit book we got when Amber was a baby. Oh, and a Kermit the Frog puppet. I think that’s it.

I adore the Muppet remakes of classic stories. This time it’s Snow White, and I do think that Miss Piggy is perfect as the evil stepmother. Of course the story has a few Muppet twists and I just flat out enjoyed it. It’s light-hearted and funny. I read it with Amber – yes, comic books are really tough to read aloud, but that’s life. It’s worth it when the story’s good.

You may think you know the Snow White story, but not the way these Grimms, played by Gonzo and Rizzo, tell it. For instance, did you know that the dwarfs were actually a rock band when they weren’t working in the mine. Makes sense when you think about all the singing they do in that one movie. And Pepe provides that happy ending for our Snow White, Spamela. After all, he is a king prawn.

The art in this one was done Shelli Paroline, and I have to say that I though ti was spot on. Each of the Muppets was captured perfectly, from the way they look, to their expressions and personality. Great job.

Muppet Graphic Novel
112 pages
Published 2010

4 out of 5 stars

Purchase at Amazon or an Indie bookstore.

Challenge: Fairy Tales

I received my copy through Paperbackswap and the above is my honest opinion.


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