I love boardgames. We play at least one night a week, sometimes more. If we’re heading out of town for a vacation or just for the weekend, we always take two or three games with us. Classic games, family games, Euro games, I like them all.

Friday was game night at our house, when David, me and some of our friends get together and play boardgames, and we actually played one of my favorites, so when I saw the Fun and Games Blogfest, I had to play along.

My three favorite games:

Dominion– This one is currently my flat-out favorite.You start with a 10 cards, the same as everyone else. In the center of the table is a selection of other cards that you buy. So you basically build your own deck, with actions and victory points and money. You’re in control of what your deck consists of for the most part, although some of the expansions do let you screw around with other players decks and draws a little. It’s just pure fun, with some strategy. We play with the expansions a lot too. Friday it was Intrigue at my request. It’s actually my favorite of the expansions, and it can stand alone.

Abalone- Okay, I might like this because my husband hates it. Does that make me a bad person? You push marbles around, with the goal of pushing your opponent’s marbles off the table. Fun, and I like how frustrated it makes David.

Scrabble– Actually, this last choice is so tough. It could have been Priests of Ra or Colosseum or Bang! depending on what mood I’m in. But Scrabble’s a classic and I just love words. And we have a deluxe board that spins and has ridges that keep all the letters in place.

And one game I’m not fond of that a lot of people like:

Caylus-  I just think it’s so boring.

What about you? What are you favorite games?


  1. OMG I LOVE board games. About a year ago I discovered I have a couple of friends (literally a couple, they are married) that love them too and have games night in their home. I thought it was salvation time, except I was informed later that I needed to attend game night with a partner so everyone had a proper pair. Kinda hard to meet the requirement, being single. >_<

    But I always love to read about games, so thanks for sharing!

  2. LOL scrabble is how my hubby got me to agree to a date. We met online and were playing scrabble and he got me to agree to a date if he won. I started off with a 7 letter word…I was sure I was going to win but two turns later he pulled out a 7 letter word….I was pissed and he ended up wining but 2 freaking points. But hahaha I guess in the end it was worth it.

    As to favorite games it is hard to narrow it down. Even though it is not always popular among gamers my family adores playing killer bunnies. Other favorites are For Sale, Powergrid, Boomtown, Vegas Showdown, California, Race for the Galaxy, Stone Age, Guillotine, Hollywood Blockbuster, and RA. OH and Loopin Louie….I swear when we bought it hubby and I spent 2 hours playing and laughing till we nearly peed ourselves and the kids weren’t even there to play.

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