I was at home on Friday during lunch and took a minute to look out my front window, and honestly there was nothing particularly interesting to see. It was a grey, dreary day, so no one was out walking their dogs, no kids on the road. I didn’t even see any birds. The only thing that caught my eye were my flowers. My front flower bed is in bloom. It’s also more than a little weedy, but that’s beside the point.

On the drive back to work, I did see the most interesting thing. I tried to get a picture, but was too slow. Two bog old crows were pecking around in the grass near our office parking lot. Nothing extraordinary in that, but then one pulled his head up and there, in his beak, was one of those little bouncy balls, about an inch in diameter. I just kind of stared in surprise. The ball was clear with some yellow in the center, and the bird was strutting around, showing it off. By the time I got out my camera, though, he had dropped it. Teaches me to be better prepared. Note to self: keep camera in easy reach.


  1. How odd about the crow! I tend to miss shots, too, and sometimes I even miss most of the moment because I’m too busy scrambling for my camera. Maybe some moments are best enjoyed without photographic aid!

  2. stacybuckeye

    That is so true. Over the weekend we were walking Gage and Max and no sooner had Jason commented on a sign in a neighbor’s yard that had a big X through a dog doing his business on the lawn than Max squatted and did exactly that, LOL. Right beside the sign. We laughed so hard and were so sad that we didn’t have a camera.

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