Wordless Wednesday


  1. Above is a photo of St. Paul’s Chapel I took when my mom, brother, and I went to New York in 2008. The rear of St. Paul’s Chapel faces Church Street, opposite the east side of the World Trade Center site. On September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center came under terrorist attack and both towers crashed to the ground. St. Paul’s Chapel remained standing, thanks in large part to a tree in the churchyard that shielded the blast. Nevertheless, the building and churchyard were covered in inches of dust from the Twin Towers’ collapse. After engineers inspected the building and pronounced it fit for occupancy, rescue workers, police officers, and firefighters began to come to the Chapel to eat and rest. For eight months, hundreds of volunteers worked 12 hour shifts around the clock, serving meals, making beds, counseling and praying with fire fighters, construction workers, police and others.

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