Stuff I’ve Been Doing Recently

Stuff I’ve Been Doing Recently

10 Things: Stuff I’ve Been Doing Recently

1. Eating this: Oatmeal with raisins, brown sugar and cinnamon. I’ve been on quite a kick with it recently. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. So easy and just delicious.

2. Reading this: I’m reading a few of Shakespeare’s plays this month.

3. Browsing this site: Some of the stuff is just so cute, or useful, or yummy. I wish I was as talented as some of the artists and crafters.

4. Writing this:

This. As in the stuff you read here at my notebook. I don’t really have any other projects going on right now, but one of these days I’ll start my book. Maybe.

5. Drinking this: I think I may be addicted to this stuff.

6. Using this: Excuse Moi! nail polish. It’s sparkly and pink and Miss Piggy. Thanks, Santa!

7. Watching this: It’s one of the few tv shows we’ve been watching. I like the mix CSI- fairy tale mix. And the werewolf sidekick is perfect.

8. Buying this: Amber’s having a friend over tonight, so we’ve got a kid-friendly dinner planned: mac and cheese, cheeseburgers and maybe corn.

9. Listening to this: I love this series! It’s a shame I’ll have a wait after this one.

10. Using this new word:

Uh, uh. I don’t think I’m using any new words lately. Kathy, over at BermudaOnion’s Weblog, did feature a couple on Wednesday that I really liked. Maybe I should try to work them into conversations.

fustigate – “Hernandez missed most of the preseason practices because of an ankle sprain, and he fustigated himself for committing seven turnovers.” — Jorge Ortiz, San Francisco Chronicle, November 2004

It can mean to beat with or as if with a short heavy club, but in this case, it means to criticize severely.

bombinate– “For one reason or another, this veteran conductor has never had a publicity machine bombinating away on his behalf.” — The Boston Globe, December 2, 2000

Bombinate means to buzz or drone.

How about you? What have you been doing recently?


  1. It’s funny how people are with foods…I love oatmeal but never with cinnamon or raisins…I have to have it plain with a sprinkling of raw sugar and milk.

    Kathy always finds words that I never come across.

  2. I’m eating oatmeal every morning now too. My fav is with raisins, dates, walnuts and cinnamon. It must be the cold weather. Haven’t had mac ‘n cheese in ages but I do like a grilled cheese sandwich once a week. Like the new blog design btw.

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