Things your dog doesn't want you to know

Things your dog doesn't want you to know

We’re a dog family. David and I both had dogs in the house when we were kids and now we have Scrappy who is about 6 years old and the friendliest guy, even if he’s not exactly the brightest. He’s always happy to see you, whether you’re a member of the family or the UPS man it doesn’t matter; if you’re a person he loves you. So, I had to read Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You to Know by Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson and share it with my husband. Turns out maybe Scrappy isn’t excited because he loves us. Charlie, a miniature schnauzer, says, “We just mope around and sleep all day. And wait for you to come home. That’s why we’re always so excited to see you. Not just because we love you. But because we’re bored to death and you’re our entertainment.”

Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You to Know is just a funny, adorable little book. Eleven brave dogs share their stories, secrets, wishes in a series of essays, some of which made me laugh out loud. They are a variety of pups, from a spoiled Chihuahua to a German shepherd who works at a variety of (mostly) dead-end jobs. These dogs are willing to tell everything, all the details about their lives that usually we humans aren’t privy to.

It’s hard to pick out any favorites. I love Moonbeam, a mutt who was rescued by a new agey vegan, especially his story about what happens at his house during full moons. I’ll just say his neighbor’s a little odd. And Orson is a riot. He’s a bull dog who loves food, even gobbling down spoiled guacomole, saving his owners from sure death. I will say the last secret, the biggest secret, left me with tears in my eyes. Our dogs are part of our families, they play with us, humor us, comfort us, they love us.

I also liked the format of the book. It’s colorful and each dog gets his own type of page, with a different layout, font style. It’s fun and adds to the light-hearted charm. It’s a good book to pick up, read an essay or two, laugh, and sit it back on the end table to read a bit of another time. Honestly, I think this is a perfect book for dog lovers. It would make a nice little stocking stuffer, too, if you’re doing some early Christmas shopping.

4½ out of 5 stars

Category: Humor

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Published April 1, 2012 by Sourcebooks
240 pages

Book source: For Review

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