I saw an author complaining yesterday on Facebook about people who don’t like her books, but continue to read each one in the series and complain about them on Goodreads and Amazon? “I mean, if I take one bite of food I don’t like, I don’t eat it again, right? I don’t keep eating it and complain about it.”

Am I the only out here who does this occasionally, keep reading a series I don’t love and do complain about? I have actually enjoyed the couple of books of this particular author that I’ve read, but I can think of at least one (or two or three) series where I’ve read 3, maybe 4 of the books and have been annoyed, but picked up the next one anyway.

Here are some reasons:

  1. They are easy to get hold of. My library does not necessarily have the best selection and sometimes, especially when it comes to audios, I have to take what I can get. A mediocre book is better than no book at all.
  2. The series has potential. I keep feeling like the next one will be perfect it just hasn’t made it there yet.
  3. I should like it. Everyone likes it, it’s right up my alley, maybe I’m missing something so I need to read the next (and the next).
  4. I didn’t like the book overall, but there’s one plot point that I NEED to see how it’s resolved.
  5. I agreed to review more than one in the series and it was a bad choice. (This hasn’t actually happened, but I can see where it could.)
  6. It’s number 7 or 8 and I’ve already read the others. I hate to have wasted all that time and energy by not seeing the series to the conclusion even when the books start going downhill.

What about you? Do you ever continue with series you don’t actually like?