Last weekend, we went out to Columbus to visit my brother and his family. Okay, actually I wanted to see the Sherlock exhibit at COSI.

Us and our niece

It was fun. The story is, Sherlock is busy and needs your help solving a case. You get see the scene of the crime and then use “cutting-edge 19th century techniques of forensic science” to try to solve the mystery. You guys know I’m a sucker for anything Holmes-ish.
sherlock 1 Sherlock2

We checked out the Arts Festival for a while and then went to dinner at Akai Hana. Eating sushi has been on my bucket list for a while, and since David is not a fan and Amber won’t eat fish period, my brother was my best bet for help with crossing it off. He and I split a “party boat” and I was pleasantly surprised, most everything was yummy. Definitely something I’ll have again, except the salmon roe, that was nasty.




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