Hooded Crow hitchen a ride, photo by Adrian Davey
Hooded Crow hitchen a ride, photo by Adrian Davey

I’ve been a little busy this week, at work and home. Granted it’s my own fault, but that’s why I went with a short fable today, one of Aesop’s. I also saw crows picking at my neighbor’s garbage this morning on my way out, so a crow story it is.

A troublesome crow seated herself on the back of a sheep. The sheep, much against his will, carried her backward and forward for a long time and at last said: “If you had treated a dog in this way, you would have had your deserts from his sharp teeth.” To this the crow replied; “I despise the weak and yield to the strong. I know whom I may bully and whom I must flatter, and thus I hope to prolong my life to a good old age.”

I was surprised by how many images show crows on sheep. Is it a thing and I just wasn’t aware of it?

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