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My actual job, how I make money, is pretty boring. I’m an insurance agent at an independent insurance agency. It’s a convenient job for me, I literally live a five minute walk away, even though I usually drive so I can go out to lunch or to take the deposit to the bank. I work nice hours: 9-5 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and 10-2 on Tuesday and Thursday, and it’s pretty flexible, so if I need to run out and pick Amber up or take the day off to drive my mom to an appointment it’s not a big deal. Most of our clients are nice, I can only think of one real creep, and I have a great boss.

My desk. I didn’t even straighten it up before taking the photo. I do need to pick up a mum for the corner.

I’m also the organist at my church, and even though I get paid and have to be there on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evening, it doesn’t really feel like a job. It does pay for my car though.

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