Today’s kids certainly have more toys than ever before. Finding the right gift for the child in your life can be time-consuming and seemingly impossible. Fortunately, many parents and relatives are starting to realize that gifts don’t have to be toys. Some of the best, and most special, gifts are not toys. Here are three unique gifts to give to a special child in your life.

1. Personalized Books

Books are one of the greatest gifts you can give a child, and it’s probably no surprise that I give books as gifts fairly often. Reading opens a world of opportunities to a child and encouraging a love for reading can begin by buying books for their home. In addition to regular books, personalized books make reading even more fun. There are so many options to choose from: a personalized birthday book for a child, holiday-themed stories and personalized books that teach life lessons such as potty training. A personalized book makes reading even more exciting because the child is actually part of the story!

2. Magazine Subscription

Another great gift idea for the child in your life is a magazine subscription. Children love receiving mail and a monthly magazine subscription is both exciting and educational. There are numerous types of magazines for kids so you’re sure to find something that fits their interests. Choose from popular favorites that teach kids about sports, nature, science, crafting and more.

3. Membership to a Museum or Zoo

Kids love exploring so once things get a little back to normal, what could be better than giving them an annual membership pass to their local museum or zoo? Membership passes tend to be more expensive than a toy but the fun and learning that takes place throughout the year can’t be measured. The special child in your life gets to enjoy a fun day out and take advantage of learning and exploring with up-close experiences. And, if you buy the membership now in advance of getting to use it, you may be helping an organization that is having trouble with funding due to the pandemic.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a child in your life, consider thinking outside the box. Children have so many toys so consider something special like a personalized book, magazine subscription or membership pass.

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