London Calling! by Matthew Costello and Neil RichardsLondon Calling! by Matthew Costello, Neil Richards
Series: Mydworth Mysteries #3
Published by Bastei Entertainment on November 29, 2019
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Genres: Mystery
Pages: 133
Format: eBook
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Sussex, England, 1929.
Mydworth is a sleepy English market town just 50 miles from London. But even in this idyllic spot, crime is never far away…

Luckily the young and adventurous Sir Harry Mortimer has returned to Mydworth from his diplomatic posting in Cairo, with his unconventional American wife, Kat. And between them they are a match for anything – even murder.


When a prominent family's daughter flees sleepy Sussex to seek a career on the stages of a glittering West End, Harry and Kat are asked to check in on the young woman. But the two of them soon discover that there is a much bigger danger to the woman and her family than mere acting dreams being crushed.

Sir Harry Mortimer and his American wife, Kat, are settling into married life in the small town of Mydworth. London Calling! is the third in the Mydworth series and can be read as a stand-alone, but since they’re each only a little over 100 pages, it might just make as much sense to go back and meet Harry and Kat at the beginning. They make a good couple. They’re both smart and resourceful. Kat is definitely a “modern woman” for the times, the late 1920s, and Harry seems quite happy that she can ride a motorcycle and throws a mean hook when she needs to. Harry is a nice, friendly, refined man who can also be tough when it’s called for.

This time around they head to London to find the daughter of Glenys and Aubrey Spense. She’s gone to try her luck at making it big as a dancer, but the couple hasn’t heard from her. Actually, the wife is the one who wants Kat and Harry to find her. Aubrey insists they just stay out of it. Kat and Harry, of course, head off to London, anxious for the girl and suspicious of Aubrey’s dismissal.

It’s a quick little mystery. We get a look at the seedier side of the London entertainment industry in 1929. I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler to say that Kat and Harry save Lizzie, but Kat does it with her usual brashness and style. I like her and I like Harry for respecting and trusting her decisions.

About Matthew Costello

Matthew Costello was born in 1948 and writes novels and nonfictional works as author and coauthor. Some of his books have been adapted into film versions and he wrote for some TV channels like the BBC. He also scripts and designs videogames.

About Neil Richards

Neil Richards has worked as a producer and writer in TV and film, creating scripts for BBC, Disney, and Channel 4, and earning numerous Bafta nominations along the way. He’s also written script and story for over 20 video games including The Da Vinci Code and Starship Titanic, co-written with Douglas Adams, and consults around the world on digital storytelling. His writing partnership with NYC-based Matt Costello goes back to the late 90’s and the two have written many hours of TV together and the best-selling mystery series Cherringham. Their latest series project is called Mydworth Mysteries.


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