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Today is freebie. I’m going with my Top Ten Favorite Things to Eat/Drink while reading. I was just telling Amber that there ar a couple of readathons coming up in August, so this is also a good chance to think about snacks for those.

  1. Coffee – Starbucks’ Veranda Blend to be specific. I love warm drinks any time of year. And lately, my hands have been feeling achy so the hot mug helps.
  2. Hot chocolate – See above, but with chocolate that won’t melt on your fingers.
  3. Pizza – “Steubenville style” is best when reading. Not too greasy and you can order it by the piece.
  4. Spaghetti with marinara sauce – Will always be on any of my top ten food lists. It’s my favorite meal, period.
  5. Warm cinnamon rolls with vanilla ice cream (and maybe caramel sauce) – Delicious!
  6. Popcorn – Quick and easy
  7. Crackers and cheese – I actually mean saltines and American cheese, which is probably not everyone’s choice.
  8. Dr. Pepper & Cream Soda – Have you had this yet? It might be my new favorite pop, since I can’t find Cherry Vanilla Pepsi anymore.
  9. Jalapeno poppers – Sounds like the perfect thing to pick up for Dewey’s 24-hr Reverse Readathon. It happens on a game night, so the folks we have over can share them too.
  10. Apple turnovers – I try to always have a couple of these in the freezer.

What are your favorite foods/drinks to have while you’re reading?


  1. tracybham

    You must be a lot neater than I am. I am usually reading paper books and I would spill all over them. If I read in the day I drink tea while reading, and sometimes cheese and crackers. But all of that food sounded good.

  2. Suddenly feeling in need of a hot chocolate, can’t think why

    Food, drinks, reading and me really isn’t a good combination – I’m far too messy for that – but if I were to do so a bar of chocolate, a mug of hot chocolate and one of Mr T’s strawberry and banana milkshakes would definitely feature on my Top Ten things to eat/drink whilst reading

  3. RS

    Oh No. Now I want pizza! And jalapeno poppers, which I think I’ve only had once, but which I constantly almost get at the grocery store, convince myself not to buy because salt + fat content, and then regret not indulging myself in, just once.

    And…WAIT, THERE’S A DR. PEPPER & CREAM SODA?? I don’t usually like DP but I never got a chance to try Cherry Vanilla Pepsi and I am desperate.

    Finally, dying at this: “I actually mean saltines and American cheese, which is probably not everyone’s choice.” Yeah, definitely not my preferred choices for this snack, But I do like both of those things separately, so no judgment. You found the cost-effective life hack.

    Not a bad choice on the list, really. I did this topic last September.

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