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The Christmas Present by Lori Foster

When Beth Monroe catches her fiancé fooling around, she’s out for revenge…and the sweetest kind comes courtesy of Levi, the cheater’s best friend. But when their one-hour tryst stretches to an entire weekend, holiday cheer takes on a whole new meaning…

This was my favorite of the novellas. The end was kind of sappy, but the romance was believable and the family interactions were great.

 It’s a Wonderful Life by Karen Kelley

Hollywood hottie Jeremy Hunter needs to get serious about his acting career, and that means Christmas spent researching his upcoming role. But going incognito as a preacher in a tiny Texas town soon brings wicked temptation in the form of beautiful Bailey Tanner…

Yes, this was predictable, but it was fun. I did feel like I missed a lot of the background on the secondary characters, which I guess was in other books by the author.

Home for Christmas by Dianne Castell

A philandering boyfriend plus an empty wallet add up to LuLu Cahill’s worst Christmas ever, until she heads home to O’Fallon’s Landing and crosses paths with jilted groom Sebastian Moore. Sebastian is determined to go through with his pre-wedding holiday bash. All he needs is LuLu to fill in for the bride…

The romance in this moved way too quickly for me and the family endorsing it didn’t ring true at all.  But it was a Christmas romance and it was fun.

Overall, these three novellas were light, fun, sexy and, of course, romantic. It was actually a perfect read for this time of year.


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