272676The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom with John and Elizabeth Sherrill

Corrie ten Boom was a woman admired the world over for her courage, her forgiveness, and her memorable faith. In World War II, she and her family risked their lives to help Jews escape the Nazis, and their reward was a trip to Hitler’s concentration camps. But she survived and was released–as a result of a clerical error–and now shares the story of how faith triumphs over evil. Corrie’s dramatic life story, full of timeless virtues, has prepares readers to face their own futures with faith, relying on God’s love to overcome, heal, and restore.¬†The Hiding Place tells the riveting story of how a middle-aged Dutch watchmaker became a heroine of the Resistance, a survivor of Hitler’s death camps, and one of the most remarkable evangelists of the twentieth century.

This is an incredibly touching story about faith and love in the midst of the Holocaust. It truly is inspirational and I hope it has made an impact on my life and the way I view circumstances. The way Corrie and her family manage to love everyone, Christians, Jew and even Germans is amazing to me and I don’t think I would have had their courage in the same situation.

Honestly, this was a great book to start the new year with. It made me thankful for what I have,¬†reminded me to “give thanks in all circumstances” and encouraged me to help and love those around me, even if it is only in little ways.


  • I read this book in high school as part of a historical project and remember how moved by it I was! I wonder if I still have it; it would probably be nice to re-read now.

  • Kii

    As I am in grade eight I am now reading this book. It is a pleasure and yes, I believe it has moved me and inspired me to become more courageous! I believe that everyone should read this book maybe our world could have even the slightest change! So I encourage you know, read and enjoy the book, Corrie Ten Boom has inspired me so much.

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