halloweenThe Boxcar Children Halloween Special created by Gerturde Chandler Warner

From the back:

#31 The Mystery of the Singing Ghost

The Boxcar Children are helping to fix up the house that their cousins have bought. But the house seems to be haunted by a ghost who sings! Will an old diary explain the house’s secrets?

#88 The Mystery of the Mummy’s Curse

Strange things have been happening at the Greenfeld Musem ever since an Egyptian mummy arrived for a special exhibit. Could an ancient curse be to blame for all the bad luck?

#91 The Mystery at Skeleton Point

The mansion the Aldens are visiting is not only spooky and deserted, it’s filled with bones! Rumor has it that a skeleton comes alive at night. Is the legend of the Walking Skeleton for real?

My thoughts:

These were my favorites of the Boxcar Children series so far. There is actually a semi-spooky mystery in each of the stories, complete with suspects, clues and red herrings. Amber enjoyed them too and my next book order will have to include more of the adventures of Benny, Violet, Jessie and Henry.

I understand the appeal that these stories have for kids and the mysteries were cute, but to me the grandfather is a not a good guardian. In the first of these, he allows the children to stay over night alone during a storm in a house that someone is obviously sneaking in and out of, someone who doesn’t like the Aldens being there. In the third story, Grandfather and the kids go to visit Cousin Charlotte. Charlotte and Grandfather then go out of town for a couple of days, leaving the kids alone at Charlotte’s and working with perfect strangers who do not want their help. What kind of guardian is that?

A question:

My daughter is 9 and in third grade. Do you remember any books you particularly loved at that age?


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