wickedWicked Widow by Amanda Quick


Award-winning author Amanda Quick weaves a tale of a man and a woman who understand just what it means to be haunted. Artemis Hunt, the mysterious master of a secret society, has been obsessed by the knowledge that he was unable to protect his mistress from a brutal death, and has spent the last five years plotting her revenge. Madeline Reed Deveridge, known as the infamous Wicked Widow by polite society, is rumored to have murdered her husband. But now Madeline is afraid that her dead spouse has returned from beyond the grave to terrorize her. In fear for her life and that of her beloved aunt, Madeline blackmails Artemis into aiding her by threatening to expose his ownership of the Dream Pavilions, London’s premier pleasure garden–an association, if revealed, that would destroy his reputation and put his long-held plans of vengeance at serious risk. The two are drawn together at first by necessity, but Artemis soon finds himself intrigued then intoxicated by the confident woman known as the Wicked Widow. Madeline, who is inclined to distrust men after her disastrous marriage, falls prey to the unfamiliar feelings Artemis inspires in her. Their burgeoning passion may save them each from an empty future–if their secrets don’t kill them first.

My thoughts:

I had the audio version of this. I have to admit that I got tired of hearing the word vanza, which is Hunt’s secret society, during the first quarter of the¬†book, but it did get less repetetive as the story progressed. Overall, it was a fun romance, but I have to admit a weakness for romances that take place in Regency England and combine some suspense and mystery in with the love story.

My rating is 3/5.

You can purchase Wicked Widow here.

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