piratesPirate’s Cove

  • Designers: Paul Randles, Daniel Stahl
  • Manufacturer: Days of Wonder
  • Artist: Julien Delval
  • Year: 2003
  • Players: 3 – 5
  • Time: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Ages: 8 and up


Come aboard and sail to Pirate’s Cove… the legendary hideaway of thieving pirates and cutthroat buccaneers. The tales of those legendary pirates of old who’ve fought and survived these mysterious waters still haunt all those who yearn for a life at sea. Armed with a secret map and starting with a modestly outfitted sloop salvaged from last winter’s storm, you set sail to Pirate’s Cove — your eyes filled with visions of treasure and fame, your lungs filled with the salty air of the High Seas.

Your objective: to battle for the rights to plunder and become the most famed and feared Pirate the world has ever seen. To do so, you will need to navigate shrewdly, fight recklessly and pillage mercilessly. You will gain fame by winning battles; burying gold and treasure; and bragging about your exploits at the Tavern. At the end of twelve months, the pirate with the most fame will be declared the most fearsome Pirate of the High Seas!

My thoughts:

My husband has a minor obsession with pirates, so we actually have several games based on that theme. This is probably my favorite of them. It’s fun, you get to shoot each other, but it also has more to it than that. You’re playing for fame, not necessarily the most kills. It’s a pirate game for grown-ups. Okay, I admit to visiting “Rum Island” more than I probably should.

The board, cards and pieces are all good quality and just look really great, which is no suprise, since it is from Days of Wonder. We’ve never played it with kids, but I’m not planning on introducing it to Amber anytime soon. She’s just not up to it yet, I don’t think, at least not how we play. One comment, though, make sure you read the rules closely. I think we had played it like 4 times before we actually got all the rules right. If you don’t play by the rules, it can be a very unbalanced game, with one or two people feeling like they have no chance to win at all. After the first game, I’m surprised we played it again. ┬áIf you actually pay attention, though, it really is a great game. Aargh!


  • What a neat idea to review board games! I love to play them but hardly ever do – usually only around holidays or family vacations. Another friend and I have thrown out the suggestion for game nights rotating homes every few months but no one else seems to be that interested in the premise. They’d rather go brewery hopping :0)

  • Carol

    Molly- We have a game night at our house about once a week- games, beer and snacks. It’s cheaper than going out and we don’t have to get a babysitter.

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